Kompany is an Auburn (Washington)-based producer, graduate of the Icon Collective music school and current member of the Never Say Die Records label.  At the turn of the fourth and fifth grade, he moved to Temecula (California), where he took his music from his father, who is a (still playing) bass player – he played drums for most of his life and founded the rock band in high school.

While attending college he started to be interested in electronic music and djing, and his first festival was HARD Summer in 2011, during which performed such legends as Skrillex, Boys Noize, Duck Souce, Nero and Caspa. He learned about the existence of dubstep from… his an older sister, who showed him Rusko and Datsik, and the set that inspired him to start music production was, of course, Sonny’s set during the mentioned HARD.

In an interview for DJtimes he confessed that in the initial phase of the Kompany he was a duo of MiseryxKompany, co-created with his friend Nate:

I started playing some pretty sick local shows but wanted to spread my name elsewhere and knew I needed fire, original music of my own to do so. This is when I decided to go to Icon Collective to step up my production, and i’ve been doing music full time ever since!

When Kyle started attending Icon Collective school, his class consisted of 30 students, of which only seven graduated. He himself has been a graduate of the school since 2015. Shortly after graduation, he became the main sound designer at Cymatics (the biggest and most popular source of samples and presets for plug-ins such as Serum and Massive), where for over 40 hours a week he was strictly involved in creating melodies and more and more new presets:

“This was shortly after I graduated from Icon in 2015. I got heavily into sound design during the course and started breaking down Cymatics pack. I had a notebook and took out every patch and turned off every modulation and turned it back on and made a note of what it did. I solely worked my way down the pack to understand the technique at an even deeper level.

I sent them some unreleased tunes and told them I was interested in making packs. They listened to the tracks and came back with a little freelance work. I busted my ass for them making shots and hits to prove I could work for them and got a full-time job.”

At the beginning of his musical adventure he put trap edits and big room productions on the Soundcloud, but immediately after joining Icon he decided to get rid of everything. His debut JACKKNIFE EP came out in 2015 with four hybrid trap bangers:



In 2016 Kyle focused on releasing his own productions, which were released by such labels as OTODAYO, Captivation or DIM MAK, and remixes where one of them was under the patronage of NEST HQ:


A year later he released his second EP Kill Humans and several collabs with producers such as TYNAN (Arcadia), YOOKiE (GENOCiDE), Terravita (Dungeon) or G-REX (Downfall). Kompany’s friendship with one of the most popular dubstep labels Never Say Die Records began with a guest featuring on Adair’s Roots EP. In the near future, together with Wooli, he remixed After All by YOOKiE and the duo Slander and created VIP version too. After a two-month tour with Bear Grillz, PhaseOne and Dirt Monkey, he sent all his heavier bass productions to NSD, which hit the founding fathers’ tastes and resulted in the release of Revolt EP and the beginning of great cooperation, which continues to this day:


Since then he has released two other mini-albums – New Reign EP (2018) and this year’s Metropolis EP with a powerful Firewall track:

Kompany has performed at such festivals as Bass Canyon, Forbidden Kingdom, Lost Lands Music Festival and Wobbleland. In early 2019, he toured with Dion Timmer and Dubloadz and appeared at several Excision’s Apex Tour stops, including the final show at the NOS Events Center, where he performed in front of an audience of 20,000 people.


Recently his remixes have been featured on Space Laces EP – Overdrive Remixes & Excision – Apex: The Remixes, and last Friday he released a powerful collaboration with Slander duo – Broken, which generated over 250 thousand views on Spotify in a week:

Between November and December Kompany will be one of the Snails’ supporters during the upcoming World Of Slime Tour, in the near future he will perform during the next edition of Lost Lands, Electric Zoo in New York, Imagine Music Festival and at two stops of the “10 Years of Never Say Die” tour.

Our favorite track? No doubt a collab with TYNAN entitled Extraterrestrial:


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