We Choose Some Of The Best Borgore’s Reddit AMA Moments

Taking advantage of the release of his second album, The Art Of Gore, Borgore answered fans’ questions through Reddit AMA for two hours. As he confessed himself, he is currently on vacation with his family, so the number of answers wasn’t overwhelming. Nevertheless, we managed to choose some of the most interesting moments of the whole commotion, which we present below.

What is “just the right amount” of touring for you?

I haven’t stopped touring in 11 years , it’s super emotionally taxing but it’s my job. I think that I have no place to cry when people like soldiers or police have to suffer way more and feels like don’t even get the respect they deserve.

Anyway my way to keep my mental health decent is I avoid drugs in all costs I try to eat healthy and exercise and I have the most supportive family anyone can ask for who keeps coming to visit me on shows, I take my dog on the road with me a lot and my girlfriend is coming with me whenever she’s available!

What do you put on when someone hands you the aux cord? Your own music?

Never ever , I’m really embarrassed listening to my own music with other people around.

What artists are inspiring you right now?

Right now rly inspired by svdden death and marauda they are the most ground breaking in our scene.

Saw you for the 7th(ish?) time last wednesday at blacklist in Oberhausen. Shit was lit as always but something was up with the sound. As soon as your set started it turned like 50% quieter…

Something was wrong with the cables I tried to fix it for like 20 minutes and then just gave up , I was really bummed out because Germany is one of my favorite places to play and I wanted to give 150% and felt like it was more like 60% 🤦🏻‍♂️

I saw you at Electric Factory a couple years ago, 12th Planet was one of the openers. Have you guys ever worked together? Would love to hear a collab someday!

12 and I are homies for years now and we spent a bunch of times in the studio just playing shit to each other but never actually got to work on a song together.

How did you meet your girlfriend?

We met a festival in Hungary we actually were friends for a long while , I was hoping for her to introduce me to her model friends haha but the more we talked the more we realized we are the best match.

What do you think of the Moonboy situation?

Other people’s life are not my business and I’m not a judge or police.

How long did it take you until you started making “professional” sounding music?

I never even realized I was professional and I still watch YouTube tutorials from bedroom producers , key is always trying to progress and learn , never feel comfortable.

Who is your dream non-EDM collab?

Tommy cash was actually a dream collab !

How did you break into the scene in the US and what advise would you give to aspiring producers to get known?

There’s no science to this if I knew how I did it exactly I’d be a billionaire, honestly I worked really fucking hard to be where I am but some things in life are just luck or random depends what philosophy you believe in.

If you had to recommend 3 songs by yourself as a way to get to know you, which ones would you pick?

I think 3 songs by me would be guided relaxation which was my first song so was 100% honest and genuine and probably creative.

Second would be decisions my biggest probably break through record.

And last one would be it’s complicated from my jazz album just so you understand my music background.


Latest Borgore’s album The Art Of Gore on all streaming platforms – http://borgore.co/taog



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