San Holo Built Home Studio To His Disabled Airbnb Host

Dutch producer San Holo, the founder of the Bitbird label and the author of such hits as We Rise, Light or The Next Episode (Remix), once again proved to us that he knows how to make people happy. During his last tour he chose one fan at each stop, to whom he gave his private guitar, and after the solo show at Red Rocks he gave away almost ten of them.

However, his life’s motto “stay vibrant” brought him to a completely new level yesterday. The Dutchman published on his Twitter a recording presenting the final process of creating a small “home studio”, which he and his team built to their disabled host from Airbnb, who always want back to music production.

His behavior immediately met with the approval of the Twitter community and his colleagues, including Kayzo, UZ, Said The Sky, Eprom and Chet Porter, whose reactions you can read below.

You’ve never met San Holo’s “stay vibrant” before? It’s time to make up for it:




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