It is not a secret that each of us once dreamed, or still dreams, of getting to know his idol, taking a picture with him and crying voice telling him how much You love him. Nowadays it’s not hard to find situations where famous personalities – DJs, musicians, actors or athletes – exchange a few words with their fans on Instagram / Twitter or surprise them with their own person during various celebrations such as birthdays, weddings or even proms (s/o The Chainsmokers).

It is rare, however, to find stories in which after a period of time (in this case several years) you and your idol become very good homies. French producer Aazar, the author of Pop That, Diva, or collaborations with the greatest EDM stars like The Chainsmokers (Siren) and Tiesto (Diamonds), shared his incredible 18th birthday story through Instagram when he personally met DJ Snake.

“🔥Here’s the incredible story of my 18th birthday!🔥
My friends and I used to throw a party every month at this bar in the area where I grew up. We did this in order to start making a name for ourselves.
Back then, I didn’t know @djsnakepersonally yet and was just a fan listening and sharing his music with my friends. From making my friends listen to his mixtapes in the car, to going out on the weekends and buying tickets to his shows. Big fan!
Anyways, the monthly party comes around that I’m throwing with my friends, only this one was special, it was my birthday 😈🥳🎂 .
Something was different this time but I kept it moving and didn’t think anything of it. So the evening goes on, and it’s my turn to play but my friends tell me “wait, don’t go down yet, stay up here”… So I figured they were bringing out a gift or something. 10 minutes later, the sound turns off and Snake’s intro starts to play 🤔. I thought they were pranking me. Next, I go downstairs and it’s not a joke, Dj Snake is actually here, playing for my birthday 😳🤯!For a moment I’m sure i looked a bit dumb, stuck between a smile and a shock, I didnt know how to react! So here I go into the Dj booth with him as he’s playing, he says “all right, you wanna take it from here”? So I’m taking over and playing all my best sequences in front of him (trying to impress him 😂) and he stays by my side, dropping a few sirens/ machine gun noises/samples.
This experience will forever be with means. I can never thank my parents and my friend Chris enough for putting all this together, and DJ Snake for showing up for free, just to please a kid on his birthday 🙏

DJ Snake ft. Lauv – A Different Way (Aazar Remix)

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